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Weifa companies adhere to their own management philosophy, and take appropriate Weifa development of the modern management model. In the late nineties the company has moved to a systematic and scientific management. Meanwhile, product quality management agencies also received German TüV ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification, quality management has been in line with international standards.

Wafer Companies adhere to the people-oriented, merit, ability and integrity hiring talent. The company currently employs 70 people, including secondary education staff of 20 people, 30% of the total number, with ten years of experience in aluminum welding professional and technical personnel 15 people, 22% of the total number, it is also has a Batch excellent sales staff and management.

All products are around the "simple type", "tech", "Artistic" principle and the "professionalism, dedication, innovation, surprise" concept, enormous amounts of money into research and development funds, the purchase of a number of CNC cars, all models lathe, welding and other advanced equipment, but also heavily engaged in several years of research and development stage equipment engineer, designer, set up a research office Wafer stage equipment.

Companies adhere to the "quality first, integrity first; brand awareness, market development" for the purpose. Stick to the "zero service products" (no after-sales service of the product) concept. Even if the product appears unsatisfactory issues, Wafer is also very willing to provide customers with high quality, efficient service. So that the product reaches production, marketing one, buyers, sellers unity combo realm.
Furthermore, the companys designers and engineers will try to Granville standard products according to your special requirements to use special engineering, and to ensure you get the best project cost. If you own have their own engineering design ideas or requests, they will be based on your ideas specially designed products to meet your particular needs, and strive to enable users to "buy rest assured that with the Heart."

In the future
Weifa will adhere to market-oriented, customer-focused, technology-based, strengthen brand awareness, improve service levels. We Weifa  will be the future, continue to forge ahead, and strive to develop into a sound management system and the comprehensive competitive class enterprise.

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